Giant Age is a Collectible Card game I have been developing since early 2012. The game is set in an alternate timeline during the Gilded Age near the turn of the century. Magic and technology exists in equal parts in this world. Class systems still exist with royalty, nobility, rich, and poor. Regular civilians and military personnel have drab, utilitarian clothing while officers and magical people wear very colorful, unique dress.

Military dress has a Rough Riders/WW1 feel to it with a touch of the Knights of old. There was still a bit of pomp to the battlefield uniforms of officers around that time so I expand on that with the use of powered armor. Civilian dress could have a Victorian feel or a Wild West appearance. Civilian military contractors with special abilities are dressed not in military uniforms but clothing alluding to the contractor's special purpose. These clothes can have a vaguely military look to them but that is not the rule.

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